All Saints is a modern Anglican parish church situated in the secluded residential area of St Leonard's & St Ives, close to the attractive market town of Ringwood.

Our purpose is to provide a broad-based variety of worship that glorifies God and portrays Christianity in a manner that is both relevant and appealing to people. We seek an inclusive approach to provide a focal point of worship and welcome for everyone, of all ages, whether regular church-goers or not.

All Saints Parish Church is now part of the Ringwood Benefice see please go to our new website Ringwood Benefice

Our values

Service to Others
  • Service to Others

  • All Saints Parish Church offers Worship and other church services and has built strong relationships with other ministers.

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Good Citizenship
  • Good Citizenship

  • The church has a strong community of people and groups dedicated to helping others and learning about God.

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Lifelong Learning
  • Lifelong Learning

  • Our Alpha Courses give everyone the opportunity to ask questions about the meaning of  life in a friendly environment.

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Strengthening Families
  • Strengthening Families

  • Messy Church is for families to learn about Christ through creativity and hospitality. Lots of fun for all and very social.

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