Supporting Nyakatare Health Centre


As part of our commitment to our partnership in Uganda we support their Health Centre at Nyakatare.

No establishment can function to the best of its abilities without adequate staffing and Nyakatare Health Centre is no exception! It’s categorised in Uganda as HC III in a range from HC I (very basic) to HC IV plus Regional & National Hospitals. Its level means it provides preventative, promotive and outpatient health care together with maternity, inpatient and laboratory services. It should have enough provision to serve a population of 20,000.

Some of the biggest challenges come in treating malaria, respiratory disease, and diarrhoea/vomiting (mostly amongst under 5’s). These illnesses are mostly curable with the right health care so adequate provision is vitally important for the community served by NHC and its equivalents – see pie chart. NHC also has a busy maternity department. Recent figures show 81 births during July – September 2016.

There are 9 HC III’s across Kinkiizi Diocese and all are struggling to fill their staffing needs in such a remote, rural area. The table below illustrates the extent of the problem. One of the main difficulties is in finding suitable accommodation for staff. NHC have begun building a staff house to address this need and offer a more attractive package to prospective workers.

Christchurch Deanery KAG committee decided we should offer our support for this project and have proposed the sponsored KINKIIZI HYMNATHON (featuring the letter K!) to help raise some of the much needed funds. Please do what you can to help NHC realise their vision of a Health Centre fully staffed and resourced for the task in hand with able and competent people.

Thank you. Gill Tybjerg, KAG chair