Bill Seward
  • Bill Seward

  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Tel: 01425 470383 Ringwood Food Bank Co-ordinator
Susan Woolward
  • Susan Woolward

  • Sunday Car Drivers
  • Tel: 01202 829434 Lifts are available to people who could not otherwise get to church. Please contact Susan for more details
Elizabeth Morris
  • Elizabeth Morris

  • Lay Pastor
  • Tel: 01425 479936 I was born in Kenagh Co. Longford on the 30th May 1938. My parents were devout Catholics. I was the youngest of nine children. Baptized at 3 days old., First Holy communion at the age of 7 years, confirmation at 12 years old. I have had a wonderful childhood and a very secure fa... [read more]
Hilary Cooper