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An Evening at Hospital Radio Bedside.

As many of you may know, I present a radio programme every other Sunday evening from 8:30-10:30. On Hospital Radio Bedside ( essentially broadcasting to the patients to the local hospitals and online.

On Friday 11 th, we took 9 children from our Small Saints youth club (Adventurers) to present a live show with me at the radio studio.

We had an hour slot, and 3 weeks prior to this we surprised the children by telling them, and also asking them if they could prepare something in advance to bring to the show.

Of course I for one had no idea what they were going to bring along, and was totally amazed at the quality of the material they brought, and even more so, the quality and professionalism of the way they presented it. It put my usual radio show to shame. We had stories, which had been written by the children themselves, poems, singing, jokes,
guitar playing and even a political debate!

While I was presenting the show, calling 2 children in to perform their pieces at a time, my collegue (presenter of the Children’s show Ikidz) was in the studio next door recording a new jingle package for us to use on our shows again and again.

It really was a great afternoon, everyone had a lovely time, and it made such a breath of fresh air to hear such talent, and their behaviour was impeccable.

I would like to thank all of the Children, their parents and Graeme and Steph personally for providing a great hour of radio and a jingle package which will be used every week for years to come. So a very special thank you to Siobhan and Jacob, Anabelle and Aiden, Clayton and Austin, Ruby and Joe and Charlotte. Well done all of you. Very much looking forward to having you down to he studios of hospital radio bedside HRB) again soon. Jude has a copy of the cd if anyone wishes to borrow it, and I’m working to see if I can get it onto YouTube or alike to make it easier for everyone to listen to, and also to put future recordings on.