Letter from Jude

Rev. Graeme’s ordination:  It was so lovely to see some of you again at Graeme’s ordination service last Sunday and for me to be back in clericals again exactly a year after I left you to go to France.  It was especially important to both myself and Graeme for me to be there for the occasion and to see “my boy” sworn into Holy Orders (a very special day for any priest) after everything we’ve been through together over the last five years.  There is so much you don’t know about that goes on behind the scenes when setting someone off on their journey and so the invite from Graeme and the Diocese was welcomed, not only by me but all Graeme’s former priests who came to support him.  Bishop Jonathan spotted me at the very end of the service and came over to welcome me back and afterwards we hugged and he thanked me for fighting for funding for Graeme and for fighting his corner and putting my head above the parapet on a few occasions. It was good to see him and to see those of you who attended his service.  Please continue to pray for Graeme as he begins his ministry and for me as I now try to discern where God is leading me after my year off.  Blessings, Jude

Graeme's support