Operation Christmas Child 2014



Monday 10th of November saw a team of 11 people in the church packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Boxes that will go from here to the warehouse in Christchurch, and from there to children in need somewhere in Eastern Europe. Children who have lost one or both parents as a direct result of war or a regime that doesn’t recognise their particular minority.

Many of the boxes that we packed with presents had been made and covered by Joan Peterson, we found 78 beautifully made boxes ready to be filled when we went to her house, and I like to think she was watching down on us on Monday, as we filled them with gifts.

We managed to make it a fairly even spread across the age range this time, thanks to Ruth who kept a count as we went and let us know which age group to fill for next!

The breakdown was as follows:

2-4YRS 16 19
5-9YRS 25 21
10-14YRS 17 11


At the time of writing that number is correct, but I know there are one or two still to be handed in, so we might make it as many as last year, which would be fantastic.

So once again there are many ‘thank yous’ to say; to everyone who filled a box or boxes, to the craft club, who made lots of items, to the great team who came to help fill them, Gill, Susan, Mandi, Ruth, Rhoda, Steph, Pat, Sue, Pam and Mary, to the several people who provided the many gifts to go in them, to Debbie for sorting the boxes and gifts at Joan’s house, and last but not least to Joan, who has been such a supporter of this particular charity, may she rest in peace.


Hilary Cooper