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  • https://soundcloud.com/user-439388727/adventurers-at-hospital-radio-bedsidehospital radio bedside An Evening at Hospital Radio Bedside. As many of you may know, I present a radio programme every other Sunday evening from 8:30-10:30. On Hospital Radio Bedside (hospitalradiobedside.co.uk) essentia... [read more]
  • Our Messy Church Group is held on the second Wednesday each month from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. This is a busy and lively group where lots of constructive and relevant crafts are provided for the children to create, learn about Jesus and meet other children. This group also meets  in the Church to learn... [read more]
  • We will be making all sorts items for various events and charties all new members always welcome. We are always looking for handicraft donations so if you have any spare wool or cotton then we would be very grateful. Pat Woodcock Tel: 01425 480921