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  • Thank you all for your prayers and support for the ordination service 2 weeks ago. It was a very blessed and joyful event and one I can honestly say was, for me, full of encounters. It was a wonderful blessing to meet and welcome so many of you in the Cathedral before the service. Thank you for maki... [read more]
  • On Saturday a group of 4 of us went to support Jude when she gave her second talk on Centering prayer at Worth Matravers. After a lovely drive through the Dorset countryside we were greeted with coffee and biscuits. Jude did her second talk on Centering prayer and inner awakening. A contemplative pr... [read more]
  • On Fire Conference 2015 I would like to tell you my experiences of my first visit to the On Fire Conference, with Jude & 5 others of our congregation. The rest of our group had all attended before so I’d had some feedback from them but still felt a bit nervous. The On Fire Mission ... [read more]
  • On Saturday April 25th Jude was delivering a Centering Prayer workshop at Worth Matravers, for a group of people from three churches in that area. A small group of us joined her to take part in the workshop. The workshop went very well and the group were very receptive, and a second workshop i... [read more]
  • Many of you will know that we lost little Joan Peterson in September. I heard the news when I returned from holiday in France and I was devastated. You see, Joan was a very special lady to me and I was particularly fond of her. When it was announced that the new priest (me) would be a woman Joan ... [read more]
  • During Holy Week  we had a chance to visit the prayer labyrinth, designed to help us reflect on Christ's suffering as he journeyed towards the cross and the events of Easter. It helped us also to think and pray about our own lives, and about the people who are suffering in the world today. 1.... [read more]
  • David Winter reflects on 70 years of the miracle of streptomycin. Exactly 70 years ago this month researchers isolated for the first time the antibiotic drug streptomycin. Within a few years it was in widespread use as the first effective treatment for tuberculosis, which in my childhood was both... [read more]
  • Recently returned from Crete, Vera Riddell felt moved to record her thoughts about her surroundings in this inspiring prose: The garden, bathed in golden light, slopes gently down from the sheltered terrace where we sit. Rosemary and lavender spill out over low stone walls and pebbled pathways th... [read more]
  • When I heard that my daughter Micaela had Down's Syndrome just minutes after her being born, my whole world  came crashing down. Sitting in that hospital bed, looking at my husband's downcast face when only moments earlier he had shed tears of joy, I felt like we had been robbed. One moment he was h... [read more]